I test things so you don't have to. This does look simple and "fun".



Give Wire a Whirl

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Wire is yet another way to communicate, but it is on its way to being a darling among the illuminati of communications. Currently available for Mac OS X and Android or iOS, go check it out, you'll thank me.


Welcome to Gull Lake

Where the ladies never go walking late.


Got to have sky in your town


I'm afraid I've caught the yearly cold. Boogie nights are a thing of the past, I'll be under the comforter for a few days.


House Husband's Diary, Entry number 4

It had to happen. December: It was raining and several degrees colder when I went out. Had to double back with a broken umbrella. Rain stopped later and it got warmer, as it sometimes does when you go home wet in the rain, usually just after you get home and changed.
Went back out a little later. It was pretty nice, and I was gifted by the universe with not one, but two random acts of kindness!

I was walking back from the fruit vendors and a bag with about 10 clementines broke sending the fruit scuttling in all directions on the sidewalk. Not one, but two lovely, smiling young women ran over and picked up the fruits I hadn't yet gotten to. Where were they when I was in my 20's? They're not as self-absorbed as we sometimes hear about. They asked if I was ok -- (do I look that old?) -- and went on their way.

As I was bending over to arrange the fruits in my backpack, another woman with a beautiful smile was offering me an extra bag she had! Should I be flying to Vegas with this luck, or what?
Maybe not.

For the second time, I made chili for the boss's return. The first batch was made before I bought the less spicy smoked paprika. Unfortunately, I somehow mixed up the very hot seasoning with the not very hot one. So I put twice as much in :-)
Freezing this batch for another single night. It's a wonderful life.


Playing a lot more with my fingers now

I think this will become a thing. I've always used them, even with a pick, but now I feel an expression that depends a lot less on amps and conditions. Closer to the music. Especially the New Orleans grooves I'm messing with right now.


More noise last night


Back to ADSL


Seems that astrophysicists have no trouble proving they're human these days. Give them a break , maybe?


Hot Argument!

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I love the fact that people can argue back and forth about whether to heat a dried chipotle pepper before grinding it for use in a recipe.